Meet our team

Bioactri BV, established in 2012, is the parent company of Effektri and Balanstri. Our founders are scientists from Iceland, Norway and the Netherlands who have collaborated on international scientific projects focused on food safety and health for humans and animals. With a shared passion for innovation, food safety and health, Bioactri BV was founded. Science is at the core of our company and the development of our supplements. All our supplements have undergone scientific validation to ensure their effectiveness. Our goal is to provide innovative products that promote both short-term and long-term human and animal health. All our products, including new additions to our range, meet the highest quality standards. They are produced and packaged in accordance with pharmaceutical
standards, are GMP+ certified, and are non-GMO. You can find Effektri products through affiliated specialists, in select shops, and from veterinarians.

Meet our team

Dr. Ola Eide
Dr. Ola Eide is a biochemistry and food technology graduate from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. He has held various leadership positions, including chairing a significant Scandinavian research project on nutrition funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the Nordic Industrial Fund. In his free time, Dr. Eide enjoys long mountain hikes in Norway and Spain with his dog, Fido.

Oddur Mar Gunnarson
Oddur Mar Gunnarson studied marine engineering at the Marine Engineering College of Iceland and production engineering at the Odense University of Technology, Denmark. Following his studies, Oddur led projects promoting innovation in food, agriculture, fisheries, and biotechnology in Scandinavia and for the European Union. With his background in hydraulic engineering and food innovation, Oddur provides valuable insights and advice on new products for horses and dogs.

Dr. Harmen Hofstra
Dr. Harmen Hofstra completed his studies in microbiology and molecular genetics at the University of Groningen. He obtained his doctorate in medicine in 1981. Following his Ph.D., Dr. Hofstra joined TNO, where he eventually became the head of the Food Microbiology department. From 2002, he served as the director of the ‘European Association for Food Safety’ in Brussels, a collaborative effort involving more than 15 European universities and institutes in the field of food safety.

Dr. Linda Saga
Dr. Linda Saga pursued her studies in Food Science at the Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU) and completed her Ph.D. in the same field. After her studies, she worked as a research and development manager at Bioactive Foods AS, where she contributed to the development of the DBS home test and omega-3 oil under Ola Eide.

Janneke Hofstra, BComm
Janneke Hofstra is a daughter of one of the founders. She completed her HEAO Communication studies and has held various commercial positions. In 2013 Janneke joined the company, and she has the veterinary branch Effektri and later Effektri and expanded the product range with other veterinary feed supplements.


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