Become a reseller?

Are you a veterinarian, animal therapist or retailer and would you like to include our products in the range? With the Effektri products you are assured of natural products of the highest quality. We are proud of our products and continue to develop new products. The supplements of Effektri fall under self-care. All products can be used in non-acute situations and contribute to keeping your animal healthy. 100% natural.

We do not use farmed fish for our products. The reason for this is that the quality of farmed fish is often weaker than wild fish and sometimes contains high concentrations of PCBs and dioxins. Our oil is purified according to the strict quality standards of the EU and contains no contamination or heavy metals, the quality is so good that our oil is also suitable for human consumption. Interest in the Effektri products to sell? Fill in the form below (including Chamber of Commerce and VAT number) and we will contact you!  For Finland, please contact Effe Balance (link)

As a shop or veterinarian, you will be listed as an official point of sale on the website of Effektri, including a link to a webpage or web shop