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Effektri Calm – Magnesium citrate


Effektri Calm – Magnesium citrate helps relax muscle tissue and supports concentration.

– Relaxes muscles
– Supports the nervous system
– Helps with stress

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Effektri Calm – ultimate supplement for nervous horses!
Magnesium citrate support horses with high muscle tension, intestinal or muscle cramps.

Magnesium citrate is an important mineral that is important for the nervous system, and provides the signal to the muscles. Magnesium citrate also contributes to relaxation of muscles and reduces fatigue. Magnesium is necessary for the absorption of calcium in the bones and prevents accumulation of calcium in other tissues.

What does Magnesium Citrate do for horses?

  • Helps with nervousness and irritation
  • Supports with intestinal cramps and body cramps
  • Contributes to relax muscles
  • Supports the nervous system

Recommended daily dose
Horse – 10 grams per day
Pony – 5 grams per day
1 level measuring spoon is 5 grams

Note that in horses with poor kidney function may magnesium only be given in consultation with the veterinarian.

Netto volume
250 gram – 500 gram

Additional information


250 gram, 500 gram


Magnesium citrate – Analysis
Crude protein 11 g / k.
Crude fat 4 g / k.
Crude fiber 6 g / k.
Moisture 5 g/k.

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