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The first step is to measure your pets fatty acid profile.

Effektri Test Kit is an all-in-one package to take a «Dry Blood Spot (DBS)» blood sample back home, or preferably in cooperation with a veterinarian. The Test Kit contains a step-by-step procedure. With an automatic disposable needle a painless 2.4 mm deep hole is made in cooperation with a veterinarian. From the hole 3-4 drops of blood are dripped onto a filterpaper, which after drying in air is placed in an aluminum bag, placed in an envolope and sent by regular mail to analysis. The receiving laboratory measure and report % content of 13 fatty acids in the blood sample (98% of total fatty acids in whole blood), including saturated-, monounsaturated- and polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The measured fatty acid profile is used to evaluate the pets diet related to risk of developing chronic inflammation below the percieved treshold of pain. «Silent inflammation below the treshold of percieved pain» is not a disease, but an indication that lifestyle problems may develope. The report also provide dietary advise that may contribute to prevent a negative development. Effektri Test Kit has a unique code that each customer can use to receive the pets report on www.vitaleshop.com. The customer may choose to print out the report, to store it on his personal computer, or to send it to his personal email for subsequent storge.

The second step is to follow the recommendations given in your pets testreport for 120 days.

The test report may recommend the customer to use a defined daily dosage of Effektri Dog Omega-3, which is a high quality blend of refined fish oil from Iceland and a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from Spain with a natural high content of antioxidants (minmum 350 mg/liter). The product has a natural taste of olive. The content of antioxidant is reflected in the olive taste. Effektri Dog Omega-3 contains the active omega-3 ingredients EPA and DHA, vitamin D3, and the natural antioxidants from olive and vitamin E.

Effektri Dog Omega-3 is often used by groups that are training for improved interaction and cooperation between the dog and his owner. Important user gropus are agility in Finland and police dogs in Canada.

Effektri Dog Omega-3 strengthen the mental-cognitive health with better learning ability, memory and more social, bright-, active and playful behavior

Effektri Dog Omega-3 support bone health and improve motility, specially for older dogs that have challanges with their joints.

Effektri Dog Omega-3 contribute to an optimization of fat matabolism by restoring and maintaining for life both correct amount and correct balance between the essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that dogs are unable to make.

Effektri Dog Omega-3 prevent development of the chronic inflammatory condition «silent inflammation below the treshold of percieved pain», which is not a disease, but an indication that a lifestyle bothers may develope over time.

Effektri Dog Omega-3 prevent damage to cells and fat components in blood (blood cholesterol) caused by free radicals (oxidative stress).

Effektri Dog Omega-3 is produced in Germany from Icelandic and Spanish raw materials.

Effektri Dog Omega-3 is a Dutch brand (www.effektri.com) which is also marketed in Finland (www.effebalance.fi) and Canada (www.majesticeffect.com).

The third step is to confirm that our recommendations work for your pet.

Having followed the reported recommendations for 120 days by using Effektri Dog Omega-3 as recommended, it is now time to take the controle test. Repeat the first step as explained above and pay attention to the changes that have occured in your pets fatty acid profile. The positive changes experienced must be maintained for life. It is possible to maintain the new fatty acid profile by changing your pets daily diet as advised, but by far the simplest and cheapest solution will be to use Effektri Dog Omega-3 daily for life.


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Test kit Effektri
Effektri test kit